Most people now days like carpet installed in the home for a number of reasons.  One, it adds comfort and appearance. Two, it feels great on the feet. Three, it can actually cut down on Allergies. Four, well it just gives you that homey feeling!  Carpet is a great choice for flooring, but there are measures one must take to make sure it is a suitable flooring for you and your household. 

Reasons for cleaning your carpets yearly:


Improved Allergen control in your home:  Yes, many people are under the wrong impression that carpet creates more allergies.  But if properly cared for, carpet can actually trap and hold common household allergens.  But in order for carpet to do its job, one most vacuum it regularly.  Added to this, Valley Carpet Cleaning, LLC recommends that you also release soils in the carpet yearly by hot water extraction and soil release.  by putting these practices in place, you can make your home a healthy oasis.

Better look and feel: Having your carpets professionally cleaned by Valley Carpet Cleaning will not only improve the look of your home, but will also feel much better under your feet.  Carpet can last a long time if properly maintained.  Keeping soils out of them will extend the life of the carpet for many years.

Installing carpet in your home is a big investment.  It is very important to to protect that costly investment.  Regular carpet vacuuming, and professional carpet cleaning will not only help you live healthier but will also make your home much more enjoyable!

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