Carpet cleaning Myths

Valley Carpet Cleaning, LLC Started there business to try and help homeowners and businesses throughout Wenatchee Valley have not only a healthy environment that  looks great, but also gives them peace of mind that there is not dirty soil and allergens in there surfaces. So I thought I would explain some of the myths that many have about carpet cleaning.


First:  Only old carpets need carpet cleaning. This is False.  You don't just have to listen to us on this. Mohawk Industries, one of the leading carpet manufacturers, Recommends having a new carpet cleaned by means of Hot Water Extraction every 12-18 months in order to maintain your warranty. So this will mean that if you want to rely on your carpets warranty...  You must have them professionally cleaned as mentioned above.

Second:  Only visually dirty or stained carpets need to be cleaned. Again, this is false.  The reason for this is that carpets can be filthy and still look clean.  A lot of the soils that can go in carpet can actually sit down near the carpet backing.  This allows for harmful pollutants and allergens to sit in the and make your breathing air unclean.  By cleaning your carpets with Hot Water Extraction this can remove much of the harmful soils not visible to the eyes.  Valley Carpet Cleaning, LLC can either clean when you need them clean, or set you on a schedule to ensure that you have the best living environment possible.

Third:  Renting a machine from the store will clean as good as a professional Truck-mount. This again is false.  With our trained staff.  We can give you a clean that is superior to what you can get from a DIY carpet machine.  The reason for this is our machines get hotter, remove more soil, remove much more water.  We also use specific formulas of detergents to meet specific carpet materials.  This is why we at Valley Carpet Cleaning, LLC are trained and professional to meet your needs.

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